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Hi the debate about Nanotyrannus got me thinking is Nanotyrannus found in Alberta Canada in the Scollard or Frenchmen Formations. If not then it could be valid since T-Rex is found there and if it’s a juvenile Rex then there should be a least some evidence for It there, since T-rex’s are found there. And if so this could provide Nanotyrannus’s range.

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The dinosaur material found in the Scollard and Frenchman Formations is very similar to that of the Hell Creek Formation.  The finds from these deposits are not widely published and would guess very fragmentary so unless its something like the T rex Scotty we would not hear about it.   If you think about it the Hell Creek is one of the most explored deposits around and only a few skulls and a couple of skeletons have been found so finding articulated material in other localities is not easy.   Teeth have been found and I have seen them sold on auction sites on several occasions but most are probably in personal collections or institutions that call them T rex.  A few years ago a popular dealer had a bunch for sale on their website .


Its range, I don't think anyone can say but its reasonable to think that anywhere that T rex's existed, in very late maastrichtian deposits from the Ojo Alamo Formation of New Mexico into Canada.  Possibly even as far south as Cabullona Basin of Sonora, Mexico.   Guess anywhere in coastal  Laramidia at the very end of the cretaceous is possible. 

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