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Miocene Bone Calvert Cliffs Maryland

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Hello, I found this today at Brownies Beach. It’s in Maryland: Miocene, Calvert Formation. My best guess is that it is a dolphin rib bone. I am assuming it’s marine. What do you think? Thank you,









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Hello Johnny, nice find.

On the first look i thought it looks more like a humerus or femur (terrestrial then) but seeing the size of it it may well be a cetacean rib, they do have bulbous ends and roundish cross sections.

I am not an expert though, curious to hear what others have to say.



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I agree with @Mahnmut, it gives me terrestrial vibes but terrestrial remains are so rare there that whale seems like a logical explanation. Do not treat this as a definitive answer, as I am nowhere near professional on this topic. Whatever it is though is a nice find!

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