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Journal of Fish Biology (2017) 91, 1032–1047

The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth: tooth shape and ontogenetic shift dynamics in the white shark
Carcharodon carcharias
G. C. A. French, M. Stürup, S. Rizzuto, J. H. Van Wyk,D. Edwards, R. W. Dolan, S. P. Wintner A. V. Towner and
W. O. H. Hughes


BTW:that's a horrible pun to inflict on humanity

sahrwraas10665877u00 (2).jpg

From the text:

"One of the major limitations in establishing the ontogenetic relationships between
morphology, diet and maturity, especially in threatened species, is sample size."

And that's in the Recent,folks.

Is sample size in fossils my hang up,then?

Because I keep harping on about it?

(my shrink keeps gesturing..:D




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I remember the title of this post differently,somehow

Must be an age thing

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