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Greetings kind people,


Hope you are having a nice day:)


There was a similar thread posted around the same topic, but a lot of those websites could not meet all my requirements so I'm here to seek help

I'm looking for websites which are:

1) reliable and reputable

2) very inexpensive

3) ship internationally (particularly India) with good packaging and reasonable prices

4) good quality and vast collection

5) can provide most of my requirements in a single order(since I'll be shipping it to India, it would be economical to order everything from single website to cut down on transportation costs).


I'll take down the post in case of violations of the guidelines. Please do let me know.


Thanks in advance:)


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Please make any replies via PM. 

Topic Locked.




We do not get involved with promoting sellers, pricing, identifying sellers in any way, or appraisals on the open Forum. 

Discussion of these things is allowed via the Personal Messaging system.


We focus on the fossils alone. What are they, are they real, restored, painted, carved, etc. 

Please take some time to read through the Forum Rules and Community Standards.

Also, you might read through any pinned topic (in any forum) that references "New Members Please read this". 

Sooner rather than later. ;) 

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