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Much improved weather, water cool but not bad, air temps in the 60s, lots of budding trees (but winter will return).  Dug at one one spot until not finding much.  Nothing spectacular, but I was delighted to find two more sandtiger shark symphysials (wish they were cow shark); in the photo next to the broken cowshark.  Three or four angel shark teeth (near cowshark), lots of broken sand tiger spikes, plus some nice ones with cusps.  Some grey shark teeth, a few possible small makos, and some indeterminate.  Dropped a few drum teeth, but only one  tiny vertebra, on the scanner.  One bigger skate tooth of several, some bone pieces.  Great day to be out!



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Lucky you! :) 

Glad you were able to get out. 

Not a bad haul. Some of those colors are stunning. :)

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You must have buckets of these teeth by now. :o.

How do you store or display them?

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@caldigger  I give many away and most are in jars or nut cans (along with bone fragments and skate teeth).  Need to better organize them, but mostly I hunt for the exercise and to help keep my blood sugar down.  I love being on the beach or in the woods when not crowded too,

@FossilsAnonymous yeah, cowshark teeth are my favorites, but not very common where I hunt (angel shark and drum teeth on the other hand are more common than elsewhere).   I have found only one cowshark symphysial (is that one in your avatar?  mine was nice, but no root), probably a dozen or more sand tiger symphysials (sand tiger spikes are by far the most common teeth I find.) 

@Fossildude19 thanks for your many comments and interest.  With the mild winter so far, hopefully you get out soon!  I try to post most of my hunts, but really struggle to keep up with others' findings.  Hopefully I have time soon, I've learned so much from the people here! 

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@Rowboater yes, the one in my avatar is a symphyseal cow. It’s actually quite interesting because of its middle teeth... Maybe I’ll look into it further. I don’t find that many angels, to be honest. Something I have to get into!

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