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Help with Moroccan Trilobites


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I'm looking for a little advice on a nice group of trilobites I purchased recently.  I have no information on them, aside from that they came from Morocco, however after a bit of research I'm wondering if they're Hamatolenus from the Jbel Wawrmast Formation.  With that said I don't know a whole lot about Moroccan trilobites and I have some questions as to their authenticity.  I'm almost 100% sure these are real, but after studying them closely a few things bother me. 


For one, the smallest trilobite at the bottom has a hole beneath it - I can't really tell if it's been reattached or not.  The surrounding rock also features a few tiny holes which I found suspicious (I'll add further pictures shortly).  The whole piece also has a clay-like smell.  With that said the edges of the plate are clean cut and seem to show natural rock layers, which I wouldn't imagine you'd see with a fake.  Overall I can't imagine how something like this would be faked (and I wouldn't imagine it'd be worth the effort for the price I paid). But any input would be greatly appreciated as I know lots you are far more knowledgeable about Moroccan trilobites than myself!


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