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Fossilized insect from 100 million years ago is oldest record 

of primitive bee with pollen, Oregon State University, February 12, 2020



Fossilized insect from 100 million years ago is oldest 

record of primitive bee with pollen, Oregon State University



The paper is:


Poinar Jr, G., 2020. Discoscapidae fam. nov. (Hymenoptera: 

Apoidea), a new family of stem lineage bees with associated 

beetle triungulins in mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber. 

Palaeodiversity, 12(1), pp.1-9.



At related open access paper is:


Genise, J.F., Bellosi, E.S., Sarzetti, L.C., Krause, J.M., 

Dinghi, P.A., Sánchez, M.V., Umazano, A.M., Puerta, P., 

Cantil, L.F. and Jicha, B.R., 2020. 100 Ma sweat bee nests: 

Early and rapid co-diversification of crown bees and 

flowering plants. PloS one, 15(1), p.e0227789.





Paul H.

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