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Found a vertebra in Calvert Cliffs, (Matoaka Beach) MD on the beach today.  Approximately 3-3.5 cm in diameter and 2-2.5 cm thick.  There are 6 “holes” spaced fairly evenly along the sides.  Site is known for fossilized shells and shark’s teeth.  Not sure if it’s shark, fish, or something else.  Vertebra protrudes  out maybe a half a centimeter on one side, so not perfectly round.  But, could have been worn down in the bay.  Not completely solid.  I can hold it up to the light and see a few areas where light shines through a few pinholes.  Anyone have any idea what it may have belonged to?   Should I take pictures at another angle or with different lighting?  Thanks!



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I would read this as three strikes against the ID going any further.

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