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Arizona Miocene Meanders

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DPS Ammonite

Miocene lakebed deposits north of Phoenix have revealed more than palm and unknown reed like plants. I found stromatolites preserved in black, gray and white chalcedony.

Although not as common as in the Precambrian, stromatolites still occur in oceans and in lakes. See article about the ones in Utah’s Great Salt Lake: https://geology.utah.gov/map-pub/survey-notes/glad-you-asked/is-there-coral-in-the-great-salt-lake/


My favorite one is this 10 cm high detail of a much larger stromatolite. #1



This 38 cm one came home with me.  #2


Here is a detail of #2.  9 x 13 cm. #3



Here is a 6 cm high relatively flat stromatolite. #4


Detail of side of #4. 



Scattered pieces of palm occur. 9.5 cm high. #6



This silicified palm has calcite crystals growing in it. 13.5 cm long. #7



Detail of #7. It looks like an art piece.


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Tidgy's Dad

Most amazing and beautiful. 

I love stromatolites, so, so ancient and still about today. :wub:

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Cool finds! I know that portions of the Green River Lakes had Stromatolites growing in them during the Eocene.  I've collected some for tumbling material but I've never found any that were as nice looking as those you've posted.

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