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Petrified Wood?


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Me and my brother were walking near a waterfall, when we both found this. I thought it was just a rock, but it has a very strange visible structure that makes me suspect it is a fossil, maybe its petrified wood encased in sandstone, but I am not sure. I am attaching 3 pictures of it.


In the second picture, you see why I think it is petrified wood. In the other two, you see the structure of the rock I was talking about.


What do you guys think?






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Ok, I found something else shortly after posting the pictures. Heres a picture of what I found.


I think what I found is the root system of a petrified tree.


The structure shows it, as well as these weird fossilized strands


What do you guys think?


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It does look like there is a sliver of wood or even bone in there. The rest looks like cave formations to me, but not my area of expertise. Very cool, what ever it is. It will be interesting to see what others say. :popcorn:

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looks like phytohermal travertine (encrusted microphytes and macrophytes), quite frequent in waterfalls travertine deposits



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