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Shark tooth from the Banjaard

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Hello All


Since I can't go to school for the next couple of weeks I finally have a chance to catch up with some ID's. I found this tooth a couple of months ago on my first hunt at the Banjaard in the Netherlands. The beach is famous for it's fossil shells, which can be found in abundance. I was very happy when I found this tooth (first complete shark tooth I ever found). I think it's a tooth from the genus Physogaleus, but I'm not an expert at all. The stone it is in is about 15 at 15 cm and loaded with shells. I have however never heard about fossils in matrix and also never heard about a shark tooth found at the Banjaard, but again I'm no expert with this kind of fossils.


Scale bar is in millimeters.


Anyone any idea?

@Max-fossils, you have hunted there before right?


Kind regards


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Physogaleus looks good here. I find some in my micro matrix.

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