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A trip down to Lavernock

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Before the government imposes further travel restrictions me and my family decided to pop down to Lavernock.

It was a really sunny day and lots of people were already on the beach.

The tide was very low and I was able to go out pretty far.

After about 30 - 45 minutes I found my first pieces of triassic bone bed.

Which were full of tiny teeth and fish scales.

Severnichthys, Lissodus, coprolites etc.

As I went further out to sea I began finding more and more tiny bits of bone.

As our time to leave drew nearer I found my first vertebra!

Even though it's only half it's still amazing.

I found an odd looking bone next to the vertebra. If anyone could help ID it that would be great.

I'll post a separate topic on that in Fossil ID.

My dad found the nautilus on the way off the beach   It's fairly big

another first for me too.

We had a great time and thanks for reading!







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