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Pathological Cretaceous Teeth from Russia

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Hello everyone. 

These two teeth were teeth I acquired from a fossil hunter in Russia. 

The first tooth is a double tipped Archaeolamna sp. 

The second tooth is a pathological Cretoxyrhina vraconensis (denticulata according to Russian literature). 

I've got a lot of non-pathological Cretoxyrhina, Squalicorax, Dwardius, etc. if you guys want to see those as well. 

A. Kopingensis 1 (patho).jpeg

C. Vraconensis 3 (patho).jpeg

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Tidgy's Dad

Very interesting and rather pretty.

Yes, I for one would like to see the other teeth, please. :)

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Years ago, a lot of Albian teeth from Staryi Oskol were being bought and traded.  I saw some Early Paleocene teeth from the Volgograd area several years ago.  I'm not sure I've seen teeth from that area before.  The preservation looks different.  Those are two interesting teeth but I'd like to see the "regular" teeth too.  Thanks for showing us.

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