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We know that fossils are not the priority for people at the moment. They are not for us either but I have found a good amount of stress relief in going through a large donation we got. The material is all from STH and we have enough to make a trade. It was part of the donation actually. Extra fossils for sale or for trade to improve our collection. I would like to avoid sales or doing smaller trades just for shipping reasons so I decided to put the trade stuff out as one lot.

Given the current state of the world, consider this a post corona virus trade offer. We would probably not ship for 2-4 weeks if not a bit longer so we would not expect immediate shipping. Nobody needs to risk a trip to the post office. I did however want to put it out there. I think a little engagement among fossil nerds may be a good thing at this time :)


We tried to put together a pretty decent representation of the shark and ray fauna plus a variety of colors.


Temblor Formation, Round Mountain Silt Member

Kern County, California


Carcharodon hastalis- 8 teeth, variety of positions, variety of colors, none bigger than 1.5"

Cosmopolitodus planus- 8 teeth, upper and lower, beautiful color array

Isurus desori- 1 tooth

Hemiprisitis serra- 1 symphyseal tooth

Hexanchus andersonii- one partial tooth (I think upper)

Heterodontus- 1 lateral tooth

Physogaleus- 4 teeth

Galeocerdo- 3 teeth

Carcharhinus- 3 teeth





Included but not pictured- a couple of Cetorhinus teeth and a Mustelus tooth.

Various Batoid fossils.


We are open to any shark tooth offers but we do have some specific needs/wants. I listed them below.


GW teeth

Squaliformes- any family except Squalus

Orectolobiformes- Hemiscyllium, Rhincodon, Ginglymostoma (Eocene & Cretaceous)

Otodus sokolovi

Isurus oxyrinchus and retroflexus

 some specific Cretaceous material- Cardabiodontid, Squatina, Ginglymostoma, Cretorectolobus, Odontaspis, Cantioscyllium, Cretoxyrhina



PM us if you have any questions, need to see additional pictures, or want to make an offer.





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I'm sending you a message buddy. Looks like we can help each others programs out here a little bit. 

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