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Middle and Upper Devonian Cryptodonta (Bivalvia)from the Pelagic Hercynian Facies -Taxonomy, Stratigraphy, and Paleoecology 

Judith Nagel

Inaugural dissertation,2006

nage106lac22zbrqwqqnage77achu00 (2).jpg



the research areas on a Devonian geodynamic reconstruction :


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Revision of Late Devonian Lunulacardiidae (Bivalvia)from the German Hercynian Facies
Judith NAGEL-MYERS & Michael R.W. AMLER

Geologica et palaeontologica*,41/Marburg 2007

*remark: a bulwark of pretty solid ,dependable,taxonomical paleontology,and going back to 1970(unless i'm very much mistaken)


Like the above: RECOMMENDED

chaenocardia2 (3).jpg

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