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Urban Geology on Twitter

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Hey folks,.

A few months ago I started a new twitter account called Urban Geology.

I thought about how sometimes simple window sills at home or at work or house fronts, tiled floors make some awesome displays of rock types that often go unnoticed, even by geologists.

It's a good way to get to know new rock types and its mineral composition since it's often polished surfaces and other examples also show fossils, sedimentary features or volcanic features etc.


With this account I share my own findings and search the rest of twitter for other findings to retweet. If you are interested and use Twitter, please leave a follow or contribute yourself by adding the hashtag #UrbanGeology or me @urban_geology ! :-)


(There is also a Japanese and Turkish hashtag #街の中で見つかるすごい石 and #şehirjeolojisi)



Last but not least here is the account:





Thank you!


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Cool idea. I just followed you.  :)



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