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As the title states, I just found these two items. I was turkey hunting with my wife and happened to see the "tooth" on the ground as we walked up to the truck. There was a fossilized clam about palm size and one about the size of my thumb nail in the same spot.


Then later in the day I was walking back to the truck to get my jacket, cutting across a terraced field. The field was last worked about 20 years ago. I think it's a petrified egg. It's also one of the highest points on the property so it didn't come from a river unless someone carried it there many many years ago.


Both items are roughly 3" long...



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Here is the flip side of the "tooth"...the wear mark looks like an opposing tooth wore against it...


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Hello and a warm welcome to TFF from Austin, Tx.  I can sure see why you picked these rocks up; they look very much like what you imagine.  I'm thinking however that they are both look-alikes and not actually fossils.


As for the "egg" fossil, Id refer you to a previous TFF post: 


As for the "tooth", unfortunately there is no appearance of enamel that would be typical of a tooth fossil.  Continue with the forum and you will see plenty examples of tooth fossils and will be able to see that this is not one; and, more importantly, you will know one when you do find it.


Again, a warm welcome.

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Moved to Fossil ID.  ;)

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Thanks for the greeting!


In my heart I knew it wasn't. But it has contours a tooth could have. The shape, the wear of a opposing canine tooth and it looks like it has a gum line.


When I first seen the pink quartz I though I found a turkey egg. Which I have found during the spring before. As I bent over to pick it up I noticed the color was wrong...then it was stone.


It certainly looks like a stone from a river bed, but there are no flowing rivers or any drainages that look like they had flow any where near the property. AND it's a long way from any where someone might have lived inside of the last 50 years.


I found this last year walking back to our camp house. Looks like the Indian who was carving it chipped a big piece off and ruined his project.


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Well, that's a real artifact at any rate. Welcome to the forum!

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Hey guys...I went back to the spot I found "the tooth" to see if I could find the two clams I found but dropped them after finding the "the tooth".


Well, guess what...I found another thing that looks nearly exactly like " the tooth" I found previously!  The only difference is it's smaller...making it look like it's from a different part of a jaw. Yes, I know...sounds like I'm still wishing it to be a tooth.


Ok...let's assume it's not a tooth...then what are they?


Here is a pic of them together...first one is the larger "tooth".



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That’s a beautiful broken artifact. I would definitely keep looking for more of those and keep my eye out for possible fossils as well. However, I agree what you have posted are 

not fossils

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