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ID help on odd bone piece


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I posted a report in the trip section yesterday that included this bone I am not sure about on an ID.  @Ash suggested the tip of a mammoth femur and in looking at a number of mammoth femur photos I think he is right.  If anyone can corroborate or suggest an alternative your input would be appreciated.















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I thought someone would have been all over this. Where are the Floridians?

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As long as they are all enjoying themselves at the beach.  I am glad they got out of the house.  

I am going to stick with the femur tip unless someone else weighs in with a better match.  This was found in the same spot as Proboscidean carpal, metatarsal, jaw, tusk, calcaneum, mammoth and mastodon teeth. I am trying to build my own mammoth with spare parts, lol!

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