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Proboscidian tibia?


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On my last visit to the Peace River I came up with four large long bones.  They ranged in length form 11" to just over 14" and width from 3" to 5". If aligned end to end they are approximately 42" in length.  Two of the long bones do fit together and equal 21.5" when joined.  Several small chips/pieces were also recovered and so far I have been able to fit two of the small pieces into the long bones. They were found along with a mammoth or mastodon patella, carpal, partial mastodon tooth and end of a femur.  I believe they are a mammoth or mastodon tibia and was hoping for confirmation or direction to search for an alternative.  The first two photos are the ends of the two pieces that fit together.  









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Gotta be a big beast. Mammoth/Mastodon as you said, or something else really big like a Giant Ground Sloth. But, given that you have found lots of proboscidean stuff like partial teeth and ivory chunks in the same vicinity, I'd put gambling money on that. Hopefully somebody with more expertise can chime in and be more useful than me.

PS - I know I don't have to tell you this, but that spot you are working has a lot of proboscidean specimens in it. The finds could represent an entire beast nearby or many more pieces. I'd hit that site hard and heavy a few times and see what else shows up. Systematically search that entire spot and the adjacent areas bordering it. :)




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Thanks Bone Daddy.  Interesting thing is these latest finds were within 25 feet of where I pulled up all the tusk pieces.  I am headed back there tomorrow! Water levels are heading down after spiking Saturday.

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