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"Petrified wood" at Rainbow Dam 4/26/2020

Dawson Williams

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Dawson Williams

             Today I went fossil hunting near Rainbow Dam. Not expecting to find much besides the occasional broken bottle and rattle snake, I was surprised to stumble upon this cylindrical shaped piece of rock. Upon further inspection I decided that it was petrified wood. The area around rainbow dam is populated with loose shale and red sandstone. There are many exposed areas of rock here that I have yet to explore, but for the time being, I'll be focusing my attention on areas that I know have fossils. Back to the pet. wood, I haven't the slightest idea what formation it was part of, however, a helpful website provided me with the information that the fossils found in the area may have been that of the late cretaceous period.


       P.S. Forgive my cat in the last picture, the smell of my dinner was to much for her to resist. -DW


Here's the website that provided me with my geological time frame. Cheers. -----> http://fossilspot.com/STATES/MT.HTM





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