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Frank Westix

Hello everyone,


Does anyone know what it could be? ... is this Geologic or fossilized?, if it’s fossilized, what did it come from? And if so would it be a finger, or toe bone ?


Found in the country of Mexico, specifically in the state of Guerrero, in a limestone mountain near some volcanic area or with tectonic plate activity, because there is quartz in the surroundings.


I have never come across anything like this and around the discovery there are some pieces like these with some similar characteristics


Thank you!!






De atras.jpg


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Welcome to TFF! It doesn't appear as a fossil to me, I'm afraid. It looks like a concretion or chert nodule. Keep looking and you will find fossils, eventually.

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Welcome to the forum. It looks like a chert nodule to me. We have a lot of them up here in Minnesota. 

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