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Proboscidean Calcaneum?


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Was back at the Peace River, FL yesterday and happy to find recent rains had not impacted the water level or flow by much at all.  Went back to the area where I previously found Proboscidean carpal, patella, jaw and tibia bones.  After several hours of digging in a grid pattern I came up with what I believe is a well preserved calcaneum from a mammoth or mastodon.  I would appreciate any input on this being a correct ID or not.  Thanks.














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Yup! You found a nice one. Here’s mine from the Brazos River.


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Nice find! I wonder how much more of that beast is hiding out in that spot? Keep digging. You never know what mind turn up a next. That skull is in there somewhere!



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Thanks Bone Daddy.  I have felt some large solid objects with the probe and am hoping they are not just the lime stone bottom.  I keep trying to find an edge so I can start to lift/pry them up.  With rain coming in tomorrow I think next visit will be next week.

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