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The Amateur Paleontologist

Hey everyone :)

Hope you're all doing well!

While looking through unprepped/untouched blocks of chalk from last year's fieldwork session in the Late Cretaceous of Møns Klint (Denmark), I found one block that showed a little trace of fish bone. I scraped a bit around it with some dental tools, and managed to reveal the whole fossil. And I'm having quite some trouble identifying it... Could anyone help me? I've included pics and details of the specimen below.







Note especially the 'ridges' in the upper half of the fossil


Full details:

-Location: Møns Klint, Isle of Møn, Denmark


-Stratigraphy: Occidentalis belemnite zone, Hvidskud Member, Møns Klint Formation, White Chalk Group.


-Age: Upper part of Lower Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous; ~70 million years old


-Measurements: ~5mm largest width; ~4mm height


-Possible interpretations so far: partial fin element, partial scale. Most recently, I considered it to be the partial scute of a Dercetidae fish (based on Wallaard et al. 2019 and Friedman 2012)... But I'm really unsure... :headscratch:


Taken from Wallaard et al. 2019



Taken from Friedman 2012


I'd be really grateful for any help identifying my specimen :)

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Looks cool hopefully someone can ID it for you

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