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Looking to identify - found on peace river


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Hi all,


Found this in the gravel during my sifting. Very curious about this as the circular hole in it is perfectly circular... Any ideas?



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Looks like a suggestively shaped rock to me, not uncommon to find them with holes in them:)

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Yup. Looks like a flat phosphate nodule. Don't know if the round hole is the result of a burrow, a boring, a bubble or....(I seem to have run out of 'b' words). :P


I've seen some very odd phosphatic pieces come from the Peace and the ones that are really unusual sometimes come home with me (though they are not fossils). If you are into unusual jewelry (or know someone who is) this piece looks like it begging to be hung off a necklace as it would be very easy to thread a cord or chain through that ready-made hole.






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