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Found this great site today that has nice geological maps for many Eastern European countries, plus some more.


Some maps are outdated in terms of roads, but the geology remains more or less the same.

Zoom in and out using +,- on your left.


If someone not familiar is interested in those areas, use this site to convert Cyrillic to latin, then translate.



The legends on the maps though are international and recognized by colour.



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Some more info in order to understand how to use it.

As an example, I will say that you are interested for Vratsa Province in Bulgaria.


i) Open the main link and zoom in until you see that geographical dpt.


ii) Click within that box.The map will zoom out automatically and the window will be refreshed, but on the search results you will see the area you are interested. For that example "K-34-036 (Враца). Геоложка карта на България" K-34-036 is the code name of the sector, Vratsa, Geological map of Bulgaria.

iii) Click on the search result and you will be taken to a new page.


iv) Click where it says Карта (=map). The page will load a .jpg file. Right click save image as...


The map is 1:100000. Shows some cities with light grey circle with the dot in the middle and the name of the city/village next to it written in Cyrillic. 

The colour code on the legend is more or less the same, but it gives names of local formations. 

Neogene is yellow

Paleogene is bright red

Upper Cretaceous is yellow/green

Lower -//- is mostly green

Jurassic is blue

Triassic is purple

Permian is light brown

Upper Carboniferous (КАРБОН) is grey. Quaternary is also grey, that's why I am writing the Cyrillic name of the period.

Lower -//- is pink

Ordovician is dark green

Cambrian is Red and blue/grey


ГОРЕН = Upper

ДОЛЕН = Lower

ГОРЕН - ДОЛЕН = Middle, might be refereed in other maps as среден


If you need a specific word translated use this link



The letters have upper and lower case. You type manually the word by clicking then you paste into translate. Might take some time but will do the work for whoever (I guess most) not familiar with slavic languages.

Hope this tool will be useful to you. For me valuable!

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