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Explosive interaction of impact melt and seawater following the Chicxulub impact event


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Osinski, G.R., Grieve, R.A., Hill, P.J., Simpson, S.L., 

Cockell, C., Christeson, G.L., Ebert, M., Gulick, S., 

Melosh, H.J., Riller, U. and Tikoo, S.M., 2020. 

Explosive interaction of impact melt and 

seawater following the Chicxulub impact event. 

Geology, 48(2), pp.108-112.




Gulick, S.P., Bralower, T.J., Ormö, J., Hall, B., 

Grice, K., Schaefer, B., Lyons, S., Freeman, K.H., 

Morgan, J.V., Artemieva, N. and Kaskes, P., 

2019. The first day of the Cenozoic. Proceedings 

of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(39), 







Paul H.

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