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Fossil ID help, Maple Bay formation on Vancouver Island


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Hi all, I didn't see anything about number of photos in each post so I have a few different IDs I am asking for help with, I've read the guidelines and will try to ensure I cover everythnig.


These fossils are from North Cowichan on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I believe this is the Maple Bay Formation in the Nanaimo Group and is from the Cretaceous period. The rock was very friable/fractured and may fossils were not collectible but I did collect a few and get pics of some in the field.

1. Bactulite?

2. Bryozoan?

3. Ammonite? (8 x 5.5 cm) - I can't quite get a good picture of it but there is an impression of what looks like a ribbed coil ~ 3 cm wide like a segment of ammonite)

4. Brachiopod? (sorry, forgot the ruler in that one but it is ~ 2 cm in diameter)



Thanks for any assistance :)








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ordered the questions so they matched picture order to prevent confusion
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One last thing, it was found ~ 400 m on top of a hill that is a subdivision development.

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Hi, Looks like you're collecting up where I frequently go. It's all Haslam Formation, I'm not sure if any of it has ever been referred to as Maple Bay Formation. You were up at the top of the development area?

#1 could be a cidaroid (echinoid) spine, if not a bit of some sort of plant. I could use more/clearer pics.

#2 is an echinoid. As far as I know these are not yet described so I can't give you a specific name.

#3 I'm not seeing any fossil here, just an eroded concretion.

#4 Interesting... for all I know it could be brachiopod internal impression, I would like to see more views of it or have it in hand to get a better idea. I have found brachs up there but they're not common. Again, not described so I don't have a specific name.

Be careful with them, I was up there the other day and everything that was turned over last year (in lower part of development) is crumbling badly! It's getting difficult to collect anything without applying glue before you even pick it up or touch it, but then most things that are that far gone I don't bother with.

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Thanks so much for your help! I am not sure where I got Maple Bay Formation -maybe my imagination it seems. :D

Close to the top of the development. Most things were very crumbly. I did get some pics of ones too crushed to pick up. It was a fun hour I spent poking around.


Re: #3, there is a section that looks like a ribbed segment, so I thought an impression of an ammonite segment but it seems very hard to photograph what I'm seeing so maybe it is nothing at all!  (I once found slag and thought it was a meteorite fragment for a few joyous hours lol). I'll try a different angle though and other shots of 4. 






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