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Fresh or fossilised?

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Hi all,

So I recently picked this up at Fossil Beach in Mornington, Victoria. It's pretty easily recognisable as a tooth plate from a toad fish, Diodon (formosus?) which are quite common. 

My question is is it fossilised/mineralised or fresh(er)? Specimens I have seen from similar locations tended to have a different colour and I don't really have anything to compare it's weight too ( though it seems reasonably dense for it's size to me). I have tapped it on china/teeth and it seems to "ting" and Iv'e held a match under it (though admittedly not for long as I'm a bit nervous about damaging it) and it doesn't smell hideous.

a ) can anybody tell visually if it is fresh/fossilised?

b ) I have access to some pretty high tech scales, if I were to look for density what sort of values would indicate fossil vs bone?






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I have no idea. Have you thought about taking it to Museum Victoria for identifcation?

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