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Help with ID of Fossil

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I found this today in the yard while doing some light soil work. No idea where it may have come from. Thinking it might have come up from the frost over the years. Look like sinew or even fat tissue when I saw it buried. After bringing it up and cleaning it up thought it looked like a giant arrow head. Then it even appeared to look as though in the pointed portion on the item it had what looked almost like growth plate lines like we have in our bones. The stub end looks a lot like a joint or knuckle of some point. We are located near the Iowa and English river basin's In Iowa. Any help would be great in identification of this item. And maybe it's just a black rock. I have other photos but it won't let me upload them. It is about 12" long and about 9"'s wide and about 3" 's tall.


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I do see speckles of quartz in the black portion. So, Bummer but at least i know. thank you


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