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Vertebra found on Daupine Island

Joe Salande

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Joe Salande


Greetings Guys !

This is a vertebra bone that I found on the beach at Daupine Island , Alabama. It appears to be a partial vertebrae, with the transverse process and inferior facet intact.

As a Chiropractor, I know vertebra, but not much knowledge on comparative anatomy.


Do any of ya'll have any thoughts as to what this belonged to?


Thanks for your thoughts.








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I agree with your assessment that it's a transverse process of a vertebra. Judging from the strongly curled zygapophyse I'd say this is likely from a bovid.


I'd say it looks fairly recent. Is it heavy at all?

Where it's broken off also looks quite straight. So maybe it's been butchered?

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Joe Salande

Well, it's heavier then it should be, but I don't think its fossilized. Maybe simply waterlogged. could be butchered. Pretty straight cut, but really not as persist as a bone saw could be, unless it's

an old cut and floated around for a long time. 

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