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Hello from Portugal! A 100% layman here. Not even sure if this is in fact a fossil, but am very intrigued by its shape. 

Seems partially fossilized - the sides are stoney and symmetrically flanking what appears to be a fragment of some form of segmented exoskeleton (?) which seems quite hard and strong despite its flakey appearance. 

I found it in the Algarve, at Galé Beach / Praia de Galé in Albufeira, Portugal. 


Have you seen similar finds? So interested in hearing your thoughts! 


PS I tried to provide useful photos, definitely let me know if I can do better to enhance the inspection!







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Hello and welcome to the forum!

That is indeed an interesting piece.

I think it may be recent though, not fossil. May be the dried muscle of a big bivalve/clam still attached to the thick parts of each shell.

Algarve is a great spot to find Fossils and modern sealife.




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I agree.

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What mahnmut said,  bivalve hinge



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