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Isle of sheppey bonanza 17/7/20

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will stevenson

Hi guys, today I set out with the goal of finding sharks teeth from bed D of the ypresian London clay formation, Thames group. I hunted at the world famous site at warden point where the London clay occurs both in the cliffs and in the foreshore. it was an absolutely beautiful day 27C, for england that’s tropical :P At this site shark teeth are found in the gravel banks at the top of the beach and phosphatic modules are found at low tide not shown in these pictures but it stretches out very far ( an estimate would be 200-300metres:oO:) pyritized stuff can be found all up and down the beach, it’s is amazingly abundant! we (Me and my dad) arrived as the tide was going out and seeing as it hadn’t gone out quite far enough yet, we ate the sandwiches I made, delicious if I do say so myself:P. Half an hour later we set out onto the gravel banks to look for teeth, having found nothing But pyrite invertebrates for half an hour we continued around to the bunkers, the mud here was very deep I would say 1ft deep in some places, a bit of a sticky situation:rolleyes: anyway here is where I found my 2nd favourite find ( I will be showing my finds once I have cleaned them so the clue I will give is it was what I think is. A zanthopsis dufouri) Rather pleased with myself I kept on hunting the ground uncovered by the retreating tide and found several more phosphatic modules to  explore, a fun activity for the summer:P after 2 hours of looking for these I tired of the mud and I had cut myself on an oyster so we returned to the shingle to look for teeth again. This time I was succesfull finding 2 teeth, (one of which is a rarer species:yay-smiley-1:) and more interesting stuff which I will share when I have the opportunity to photograph all of it


end photo shows just how muddy i got:DOH:




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will stevenson

To start with, crustacean nodules 

first up I have my second favourite find of the day, I named him rocky as he’s a bit bashed up:P me thinks he’s a zanthospis


im eating dinner now so more photos to follow in an hour or so 





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will stevenson

It took a while to clean everything so i will only be able to do some of the pyrite stuff tonight, these are only the best of the best, i found a whole tub of gastropods:P


1, mix of siphonalia highgatenses and limacina cf. taylori


2.aporrhais sowerbyii?


3.daphnobela juncea?


4.weird one, not in my ID book but reminds me of rimella rimosa


5.orthochetus elongatus?


6.cuspidaria inflata? (only bivalve i found all day)


7.granosolarium pulchrum (not very beautiful even though it's name means that:P)


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will stevenson

Now some vertebrates:rolleyes:

1.fish spine (can’t remember species)


2.physolageus segundus 


3.Myliobatid ray plate 


4.Striatolamna macrota 


5.Worn fish verts


6.Amia sp?


7.my favourite find an uncommon pachygaleus lefevrei 


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Nice finds and atmosphere. Usual fate of our swamp paleontologists' shoes



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will stevenson

Thanks guys:), here we have a few more bits and bobs

1. The other nodules I collected


2.the pyritized flora, some nipa seeds, lots of teredo bored wood 


3. I did some prep on rocky


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will stevenson
18 hours ago, Nimravis said:

Nice finds Will


19 hours ago, Yoda said:



Very nice. 
Some good finds there. 

Definitely on my list of places to visit.  

Thanks, It’s a great place but to be honest I didn’t go at a great time, if you go during winter or after a storm in general you can find a handful or so of teeth, it is quite heavily collected so I was lucky to find what I did :)

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