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Urban Fossil - A bone??


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While looking around the steps outside Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum, I came across this which looks a lot like the cross section of a bone?? Unfortunately I have no information as to where this rock was quarried, so I don't know how old it is... I'm attaching another photo to show the other kind of fossils that can be seen on the steps. I assumed they were some kind of marine creatures (rudists maybe, which I'm used to seeing in other parts of the city, in a different type of rock), which is why a bone seems a bit crazy.


It would be nice to know what you guys make of it! :-)








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Mark Kmiecik

It's a cross-section of something. I can't think of anything that has a bone with a cross-section shaped this way.



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Oh, my interpretation had been the outline in the attached image, which to me looks just like the cross section of a bone (femur or something). But if no one here sees it that way, I'll conclude that it's just a fanciful interpretation ;-)


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