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Volcanic origin for Younger Dryas geochemical anomalies ca. 12,900 cal B.P.


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Texas cave sediment upends meteorite explanation 

for global cooling by Baylor University August 1, 2020



The paper is:


Sun, N, Brandon, A.D., Forman, S.L., Waters, M.R.

and Befus, K.S., 2020. Volcanic origin for Younger 

Dryas geochemical anomalies ca. 12,900 cal B.P.

Science Advances, 6(31), eaax8587



Related papers:


Holliday, V.T., Bartlein, P.J., Scott, A.C. and Marlon, 

J.R., 2020. Extraordinary biomass-burning episode 

and impact winter triggered by the Younger Dryas 

cosmic impact∼ 12,800 years ago, parts 1 and 2: a 

discussion. The Journal of Geology, 128(1), pp.69-94.



Wolbach, W.S., Ballard, J.P., Mayewski, P.A., Kurbatov,

A., Bunch, T.E., LeCompte, M.A., Adedeji, V.,

Israde-Alcántara, I., Firestone, R.B., Mahaney, W.C. and

Melott, A.L., 2020. Extraordinary Biomass-Burning

Episode and Impact Winter Triggered by the Younger

Dryas Cosmic Impact∼ 12,800 Years Ago: A Reply. 

The Journal of Geology, 128(1), pp.95-107.





Paul H.

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