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More Texas Pennsylvanian Oddities -Bridgeport


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Howdy all! A few more odd finds from the Bridgeport Pennsylvanian matrix.  I could use your help!


1. Size 1/4 inch   The first one looks maybe like one of the sponge Girtycoelia surrounded by ...something. A bryzoan perhaps? It does not look like any bryzoan i know, but i know very little about the Pennsylvanian (although I did get the Color Guide on CD! yay!) 



Close up



2. This thing:  Size 1/16th inch.  I thought it was a seedpod originally (which in my previous posts....yeah, those were indeed seed pods...finally crushed on of them). I tried to crush this one, but it didn't....sooo....   any thoughts?







3. And Lastly - this thing.  - has a weird "dimpled" end? Found in both the Bridgeport and the Mineral Wells matrix.  1/4 inch






Thanks for any help! 






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Hey JL, you have the neatest posts with the most unusual finds in areas that I have often searched before (and before I discovered micro-fossil hunting - thanks @digit !)  -_-


I can help with the last one with the dimpled end.  It is a crinoid spine.  See a similar picture at http://www.catnapin.com/Fossil/Echinoidermata/ffCrinoids.htm - about the 4th photo down.  @BobWill might be of some help with the others.

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@grandpa -  :D Thanks! Just trying to keep y'all on your toes! And yes, that is DEFINITELY it!  And how very interesting...it was in the process of regrowing.....that's way cool. 

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The first one looks like a bryozoan (edit: as already stated above).

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DPS Ammonite

Thanks Bob for getting me off the fence to give a reply; I was lurking.


The seed looks like a Celtis sp., Hackberry, which are really hard silica rich seeds that are common in Texas. A plant biologist might give a better answer. See photo of seed with distinctive rim and attachment point. See link to TFF post with photo from Wildflower.org.




The first photo looks like incrusting bryozoans, (Fistulipora incrustans?) on a possible sponge. If the sponge looks like a ball attached to a neck then, Girtocoelia (with an o) not Girtcoelia is likely. I think that I see a ball with a stem in your photo. 




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Thanks @DPS Ammonite - that confirms my initial thought of bryzoan on those round sponges. Pretty cool looking bryzoan.   

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