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Petrified Wood suggestions

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I dont remember exactly when in my life but at one point I saw my first petrified wood and thought that's amazing.  Well many years have come and gone and have seen lots of shops selling wood at what seems over expensive and not interested prices for tiny pieces. But then finally while looking to buy an item from someone they randomly have this piece of petrified wood and now I have something that filled that history in my life.  Now the better question is what to do with it?  Raw to me looks amazing but the thought in the back of my head is what if I polish it?  Not really sure what I want to do but thought I would ask you great people for some details and insight.  To me the raw look is everything great and what I love about rocks but the polished side would be showy and fancy bringing out semi the best in looking form maybe for it.  Hard to decide.  


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You can see in this pic on the left hand side it has a couple different details which below I have close ups for.  


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