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Out of place shaped rock/fossil?


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Hey all, I'll jump right into some details about this recent rock/fossil find.

Backstory: Taking a quick break from driving and stopped along a shale riverbank (I'll include pics) to look at potential fishing spots and to flip some floating shale for signs of fossils. My subconscious picks out this rather rough "puck" shaped specimen and screams to me "Pick it up!" First thought, column vertebrae of some kind. The reason my eye caught this rock was it's round shape against all the sharp edges of shale that is was loosely lying in. 


Location: North Eastern BC, Tumbler Ridge, Wapiti River. (This area is known for fossil fishes and ichthyosaur)


Discovery Strata: Semi loose, weathered riverbed shale.


Fossil/Rock geology: Sandy sediment like. Maybe siltstone. Although hard, my pick won't touch it like it will shale.


Other notes: The only round piece of geology in the find area, looked too out of place to dismiss. Notably heavier than any rock or shale of similar size. VERY rough/course on the skin/fingertips. Salty taste/sticks to tongue. Not far from other documented Elasmobrachii finds. 


Almost exactly 2inches in diameter, 0.8inches think, with one plane being flat while the other has a worn groove.


I don't know how to post multiple pictures in on post so I'll post one, and link the rest to my Google photos album!


Google Photos album Link


Thanks in advance!



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Please post photos directly on the Forum. 

Links go bad, and then a lot of information is lost, rendering the post useless.  :( 

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