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Yesterday (Saturday, Aug. 22nd), I went fossil hunting in Ellsworth County, Kansas again for elusive Dakota Sandstone leaves and unfortunately it's mostly a bust, just like the previous trip. Despite that, I enjoyed the scenery and found some odd rocks and few fossils from new sites.


A new site produced a few small plates containing woody and plant material fragments. I decided not to keep them.



Closer views...





Remember that interesting sandstone from the previous trip? I regretted for not taking it home so I took another opportunity and revisited the old site to get that rock! The back of this rock is quite smooth and flat, I think it would be great to have it hang up on the wall, but I'm actually not sure how I will display it. Looking at it is like reading a 3D map! It's the only object I brought home from this trip.



It's peaceful out there and the views of the Smoky Hills never gets old. 



...continued on the next post.

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At the next roadcut, there are many cool and odd looking rocks. I do not know what sort of geologic process led to their odd shapes and colors. I wonder if some is potentially a fossil. 



Closer view...





Closer view...



This shiny black object on this rock reminds me of tar or enamel. I'll post a separate topic in ID section later.


Closer view...


Same rock but at different angle...


Closer view...



Wonderfully purple stained sandstone!



...continued on the next post.

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On the way to another roadcut, I captured a picture of the countryside. It's a lot better in person than what the picture showed!


It was slightly hazy. Possibly from the massive wildfires blazing in the western states such as Colorado and California. Sometimes the wind will carry it over to here and the states to the east, causing the air quality to drop.




A couple fossilized woody and plant material fragments were found at this roadcut. I didn't keep any because I have enough of better specimens at home.



Closer views...




Another one...



On the way home, this countryside is very typical of Kansas and much of the Great Plains states! :ighappy:




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