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Hey everyone. I thought I'd share some of the things I found on my last fossil hunt.

So.. Many.. Fossils! One might even say that there were a plethora of fossils. If I could, I would've taken them all with me, but sadly my backpack can only carry so many rocks. I was literally examining each rock I had, trying to decide which to carry back and which to leave behind and how many I could fit in my pants pockets before they started to fall down. Eventually I decided to just stop looking for fossils and hike back to the jeep. This lasted all of 3 seconds before I found another a beautiful byrozoan and was trying to figure out how to fit it in my pack.


The byrozoan and the sponge below are my favorites since i don't see many of them and the brachipod in the matrix just looks cool. lol 

Its fascinating to look at these fossils and think about how Arizona used to be completely underwater long, long ago.


Brachiopod 1.jpg

Brachiopod 2.jpg

Brachiopod 3.jpg

Byrazoan 1.jpg

Byrazoan 2.jpg

Sponge 1.jpg

sponge 2.jpg



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I really like the brachiopod in matrix (the first photo) - you can even see a few of its spines still attached to it! :Smiling:

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I agree, you have some nice specimens there, but that first brachiopod is wonderful. :)

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Thanks everyone. Theres just something about paleontology. I love it and I love sharing with people who enjoy this kind of thing.

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