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Caudal vertebra of some sort?


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I picked this strange bone up today, at first I thought it was just a tortoise bone, but after I cleaned it a bit I noticed how semetrical the sides where, and it looked more like a vertebra. I carefully cleaned out a hole that led straight through the bone. (Sorry for the bad lighting)20200826_192847.thumb.jpg.b1426712d7e5d815edcb416b6361d3a3.jpg20200826_192901.thumb.jpg.ddc11cde71736fb8aa05d66deaa8327a.jpg20200826_192805.thumb.jpg.b8c0fa51e270b9a3f69263f4f8b433be.jpg20200826_192826.thumb.jpg.befb072124bed0852d84d02212f983b5.jpg


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definitely a croc tail bone.  No doubt about it.  

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