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Help to identify carboniferous fossils, please.


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Hi everyone. I recently visited a quarry at the north of Spain (more specifically a geographical area called "El Bierzo", famous for its fossils from the carboniferous era) and I found the following ones. I think I have identified most of them but I would like to know your opinion. Thank you very much!







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? 1 I think is concretion roughly preserving stigmaria with roots.

? 2 Probably tree fern for a start.

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I agree with Sigillaria for #1.

Calamites for 2 and 3. 

???  4 and 5. 

6 looks like a possible Pecopteris sp.. 

Would need to see pinnule veins for proper ID. 

how to differentiate.JPG

Image from HERE.

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How I think:

1- Sigillaria

2,3 - Calamites

4,5 - Stigmaria

6 - Pecopteris?

(Sorry, I can't use Italics.) :)

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