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Greetings forum members!


I was looking through the last rocks from my latest fossil hunt and I found this interesting piece.

8E853963-9B6A-497E-BB6F-781F1CBBC3D8.thumb.jpeg.6b833cfa8276baa36b479bbdee112b67.jpegIts a partial Pterygotid body segment! I had broken it and I thought I had thrown it back but apparently I kept like 80% of it. I glued it back together as best I could last night and was looking more closely when I found something interesting. 39739623-262F-4201-A1B7-035CCE6366FD.thumb.jpeg.9231ee424aa1d6b2b37de1032785c28d.jpeg
I’m not completely sure but I have a hunch that the one end of this fossil might have predation marks from a larger Pterygotid. Could this be true or did it just break weird when it was molted? I was wondering if anybody on the forum could help me out with this. 

Thanks for looking!


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