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Urchins from Charente


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Hi everybody, i found those pieces in A Kimmeridgian layer for the Cidaris and a Cenomanian layer for the other pieces and I'd like your opinion upon them. 


Kimmeridgian Cidaris : that's the fourth time I go in that place, I always found radioles but this time i come back with a piece of test. 



In the Cenomanian I found that urchin, I think this is a Leymariaster :



This one is also an urchin according to me



I think this is also the case for that piece but I'm not sure. 



@Coco, I did found urchins in Port des Barques, you mustn't despair, never. @caterpillar, what do you both think? 

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Acrocidaris for the first. Hemiasteridae for the second. Hard to tell if it's Leymeriaster.

No echinids for the other for me. Maybe sponge for the last

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