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Fossil Variety in Collingswood shale, Newberry, MI


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I thought this 6" split was an interesting conglomerate of various barchipods and others impressions from a drift pile near Newberry, MI. About the only impressions it lacks are a good trilobite impression, (though there is a softly pressed one on the other side)  and graptolites. I don't know what any of these are, but they are pretty common in my splits... the little #3 image has brothers in almost every split ranging  from 1/2 Inch long to 8 inches long ( longest one I have found there. ) such a cool degrading hill. Everyyear I go, more rocks have tumbled out of the hillside , waiting to be picked up. Locals come and scoop the stone up and use it for refurbishing their driveways...Nothing earthshaking here I suppose, but lovely, lovely fossils, all of them impressions or thin remanants like # 7.Most of the impressions do contain some remnant of the original creature, so they are fun to look at, but none of them would  survive being chipped out of the rock.  Almost forgot, I am actually interested if anyone knows what # 6 is, that ridged brachipod. thanks. 


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