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What is a micro?

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Good morning.

Is there an accepted demarcation of what constitutes a micro?  

Is it 1/4 inch or smaller?  These two Crows are 5/16 inches.  

The other photo is, I think, just a cusp which is 1/8 inch.  Thanks all.





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Technically, I believe this is the answer: 


From MeriamWebster.com/dictionary:



Personally, I would call anything smaller than 5 mm a "microfossil". 



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Here's a quantification of microfossil from:


" Microfossils are fossils that are generally between 0.001mm and 1 mm in size,[1] the study of which requires the use of light or electron microscopy. Fossils which can be studied with the naked eye or low-powered magnification, such as a hand lens, are referred to as macrofossils. "

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