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I found theses fossils 20 years ago or so, while visiting My Very Good Friends (and former house mates) in San Antonio  Texas. I had brought a flyrod on the trip as I knew there were some creeks near their house and I wanted to spend sometime fishing them. One afternoon I grabbed my flyrod and a box of Wooly Buggers and walked the 3/4 of a mile to the nearest creek. as I was rigging the rod I started noticing the Devil's Toe Nails laying along the banks of the creek. I began picking them up as they looked pretty cool and I knew what their common name was. Fishing was pretty good as I caught a number of small Bass and a few species of Sunfish on the flies. I kept picking up the Toe Nails as I fished and soon had my pockets filled up with them.  I stopped picking them up, but kept fishing for a few hours. returning to my friends' house I washed them off and dried them off on paper towels. they looked really nice after washing them of the dirt.  I knew they were of Cretaceous age and I knew they are called 'Devil's Toe Nails" but I have never learned more about them. 
If anyone can Identify them for me that would be soo appreciated.


Thanks for any help!,
Dean  ~~~




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