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Group of theropod vertebra ?


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 Seller offer a group of vertebra . seller claim that these group belong to Theropod vertebra from Carter country Montana , hell creek formation .


i personally think that it may belong to other reptile or even a croc ? but i am not sure . would like to hear opinion from the community first.


thank you



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These can be tough to ID without getting an in-hand 360 degree view.  The red-brownish one looks like a turtle vert, with that deep keel on the bottom edge.  I don't see much evidence for crocs.  Croc verts from the Lance/Hell Creek have ball and socket ends which none of these seem to have.  The smallest brown one could be a croc tail bone.  Once you get into the tail, they lose the ball and sockets.  



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40 minutes ago, Troodon said:

Think a couple are ornithpod verts 

I get that feeling as well.

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