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19 minutes ago, T. nepaeolicus said:

You thought I was done? NOPE! Here are some localities in the US. Some of these are going to take some searching for.



This has been posted previously. ;) 



NOTE: Both sites information is VERY VERY OLD, and in most cases, no longer accurate. 

It is a good site to start research from, but most sites listed are long gone, buried, covered or built over, or overgrown and off limits. (Private Property.)

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2 minutes ago, T. nepaeolicus said:

Odd, I just accessed this site today...

Yeah, this was posted in 2015. ;) 

It used to have a different url. 


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Did you read the post I linked?

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I just checked this out, and the site is still up.  Just for fun,I checked out what is listed for my state, and almost all the sites I am familiar with there are either 1) on private land (get permission)  or 2) on public land with vertebrate fossils... that is, off limits to the average fossil fan.  Yes, this can be a good resource, but it is just the first step.  There is a LOT of homework involved in finding new sites.  


And just becasue it is listed here does not mean it is open to collecting.  


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