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T rex skeleton in 3D game


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I originally came up with this idea after thinking of making a video about Stan the T rex but then decided to try to build a full fledged model of a T rex. Since I have no modeling experience at all,I decided to build it in a pretty popular game,notice one block equals to 12.666cm. After finishing it it looked familiar but not the typical t rex type,if anyone would have any suggestions feel free to tell me.Also tell me if it looks like another theropod cause this is reminding me of something else




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Hi Raptor9468,

It shows that you put some time into that model, not bad.


Although I think cubes are not the best way to model organic shapes, unless you use really many of them..

if you are looking for an easy Alternative, there is something called virtual clay, you basically start with a sphere and shape it like clay (without having to care about things like gravity or parts falling off), it is really intuitive. A free program is sculptris for example, there are tutorials online.


About the species of your theropod: the long Torso makes me think Abelisaurid.


Keep on the good work!



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