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Identification please


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I think pics#1, 2,&4 are plants of some type. #3, I am not sure. 

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1 hour ago, Gotti1978 said:

Please help identify what I have here?



1) Lepidodendron

2) Stigmaria

3) Artisia

4) Stigmaria

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Never even heard of Artisia before, did a bit of reading and it is very cool!


Thank you for educating all of us on such a diverse number of topics!

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31 minutes ago, Rockwood said:

The first one is Lepidophloios. Wider than tall leaf scars.



Perhaps, but there are also Lepidodendron species that have leaf scars that are wider than long.


"Lepidodendron is one of several fossil genera of arborescent lycophyte stems characterized by persistent swollen leaf bases (leaf cushions) from which the more distal leaf laminae have usually been shed. The species are distinguished on the overall shape of their cushions, which may be almost isodiametric to several times longer than broad, diamond‐shaped leaf scars that may be isodiametric or broader than long, surface markings on the cushions, the position of the ligule pit aperture and the presence or absence of external parichnos."


Thomas, B.A., Appleton, P., Cleal, C.J., Seyfullah, L.J. 2020

The distribution of plant fossils and their palaeoecology in Duckmantian (Bashkirian, Lower Pennsylvanian) strata at Brymbo, North Wales, UK.

Geological Journal, 55(4):3179-3207  PDF LINK

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